Zay picked up the pizza carton from the chair, checked to see if there was anything inside, then tossed it on the floor, where it joined its cousins. They really needed to clean. Later. Right now he had more important things to do, like check out Ley Catering's site and see what they were up to this week. They had catered a gallery opening he'd attended a few weeks ago and well, his stomach had fallen in love. He'd actually followed the catering van back to a house, and had been rather impressed with the man who'd gotten out of it. Paul Leyland, he'd since discovered. Paul had been in his fantasies a lot of late.

When you were a poor struggling musician and music store employee, you looked for creative ways to keep your body fed. For Zay, this involved crashing catered affairs. He was a master at it. He'd been to wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, gallery openings, galas, you name it. He cleaned up well when it suited him, and he had a few tuxes acquired from a vintage clothes store. Wrapped in plastic and waiting in the closet until needed. One of his housemates, Syd, had altered them for him.

So, what was Paulie up to this week? Ah, he was doing something this afternoon, at the new Children's Museum. So, not formal and probably mostly finger food and pastries. No need to sneak in. He went to the bedroom he shared with Izzy and rooted though the closet, looking for casual but not raggedy. Izzy looked up from his comic and quirked a brow at him.

"You're gonna get caught you know, law of averages. And we ain't got the funds to bail you out."

"This one is public, so chill. I'd never be arrested anyway, I'm too cute. I'd just smile and blink my eyes, maybe conjure a tear or two, say how sorry I am, blah blah blah. By the time I was through, the caterer would be offering to take me out to dinner."

"I'm telling ya, this dude I know got caught by like this femme domme, and she made him do the dishes and then spanked his ass with a riding crop. She filmed it too, and posted it on You Tube."
"I'll remember to watch my ass." Zay located some clean underwear and headed for the shower. "Hey, maybe I'll catch that Paul guy's eye there and he can watch my ass as well."

Izzie just shook his head and went back to his comic.
Paul ran an experienced eye over the buffet tables, clipboard in one hand and pencil in the other. He was particularly pleased with the pastry selection this time round; Suzy had found some old recipes, probably handed down from their great grandmother, and she had added her own touch of creativity. The overall result had been more than satisfactory. If the crowd liked them - and no reason for them not to! - Paul planned to include them in his next high-society function.

Bunny laid down a platter of chicken wings and turned to Paul. “Well, that’s done. Table look ok, boss?”

Paul nodded and Bunny heaved a sigh of relief. He knew how exacting Paul could be at times and he always braced himself for the worst. But this was considered a relatively easy function; nothing too fancy and not too big a crowd. It should be a breeze.

“Good job, Bunny,” Paul said, laying a hand on Bunny’s shoulder. “Now make sure the ice box is secured, and the glasses are checked one last time please.”

Bunny felt his skin tingle where Paul had touched him; he positively glowed. He had hero-worshipped Paul from the first day they met, and every word of praise from the man was precious. “Sure thing Paul.” Bunny trotted off to the drinks station and Paul went to help Suzy with the last of the flower arrangements.
There was a good crowd here, Zay noticed, most with kiddies in tow. He was glad he'd asked Syd to come with him. She might be an adult, but at less than five feet tall, she looked about eleven. Didn't want to stand out. He scoped the room looking for Paul and spotted him fussing with the vegetable platters. With a predatory gleam in his eyes, Zay casually walked over to where Paul had a clear shot of him and pretended to drop something. His back to Paul, he slowly bent down, and then just as slowly rose back up. He hadn't chosen these tight jeans for nothing, and he knew they showcased his ass to perfection. He went over to the vegetable tray and took a small carrot. He caught Paul's eye briefly as he sucked on the end of the carrot, then he walked off.

Syd was standing nearby, snorting into her cup of punch. "You are SUCH a cock tease. Tart."

"I know." Zay laughed. "He's looking a bit bothered, don't you think? Let's get a plate and mingle. See if he takes the bait."

Paul watched with amusement at the antics of the young man. Cute-looking ass, Paul thought, and he continued to stare at the retreating back. Cheeky smile too. Damn, now where had he seen him before? The face was so familiar but he could not recall where they might have met before.

The event organiser came up to Paul and clapped him on his back, telling him the guests loved the buffet spread and everything was just ‘grand’. Paul smiled and replied graciously. From the corner of his eye, straight in his line of sight, Paul saw cute-ass staring at him. A bit disconcerted, Paul turned his back and continued his conversation with the organiser.

Zay smiled in smug satisfaction. Yep, he was definitely getting to Paul. But this was not the time for introductions. His mission was to work Paul up and then disappear, at least until the next function.

"His cheeks are rosy, I think he's flustered." Syd commented as she finished off her chicken wings. 'So what now, Moriarty?"

"Moriarty? Oh yeah, Sherlock Holmes' adversary, the evil genius. Thanks. Now? Now I flirt a bit more, then we leave. But I bet he thinks about me for the rest of the day. While I do that, see if you can score some food to take back to Izzy and Jinx. "

"Got it covered. I'll meet you back at the entrance."

Paul had moved out from the buffet tables and was talking to someone unimportant, well, unimportant as far as Zay was concerned. He timed his approach towards Paul carefully, watching the crowd, waiting for just the right moment to feign being jostled. He bumped into Paul and grabbed an arm to steady himself. Nice muscle there. "Sorry." He gave Paul a dazzling smile. "Thanks for the assist." He let his fingers linger for just an extra second or two on Paul's arm, and then he made his way to the door and the waiting Syd. He glanced back one last time, and then they left.

An unfamiliar tingle run up Paul’s spine when he felt Zay’s fingers clasp around his arm. The fingers gripped harder than was necessary, and they certainly lingered longer than was appropriate. And that cheeky grin that was flashed at him - that was probably when Paul realized that this young man was coming onto him, maybe even stalking him. Torn between caution and bewilderment, he cast the impish face into his memory and decided that the next time they ran into one another, he would be much better prepared.
“Team, gather around please,” Paul called out to the various people in his large garage-converted catering kitchen. For the function that evening, he had hired extra helpers and he now wanted to do one final briefing before they headed to the venue.

Paul ran through his checklist, and made sure everyone understood their roles. This was an important function and there was no room for slip-ups or complaints. In fact, this one function would set Paul very comfortably for the rest of the month, and enable him to put aside another tidy little sum into his growing nest egg.

Paul’s regular catering and supply to schools and bistros were sufficient to keep his business going but he depended on events such like this one to reap bigger returns. And so far, he had been lucky. In the five years that he had been doing this, his reputation had grown and he was now a much sought-after caterer.
Zay checked his reflection in Syd's full length mirror. Damn but he looked good in a tux. Drop dead gorgeous. Paul wouldn't stand a chance. He put the final touches on his ensemble - am exotically spicy cologne and went to get the seal of approval from his housemates.

"What do you guys think? Subtle enough?"

"Subtle like a sledge hammer," Syd said, while Jinx just rolled her eyes.

"Dude, you look like Bond." Izzie added his two cents worth. "All you need is a 'martini, shaken not stirred', in your hand. It's kinda creepy. Seems like a lot of work to me for a dude you don't know. What if he's into chicks?"

"He's not. I really got him hot and bothered last time, didn't I Syd?"


"Ok then. I'm off to bag and tag myself a caterer, kiddies. Don't wait up."
It was a bit tricky getting into the building, but Zay was nothing if not resourceful. The place was full of tuxes, evening gowns, clinking jewellery and servers carrying around trays with glasses of champagne. He actually recognised some of the faces from other high society, movers and shakers events. He'd been to the wedding reception for that couple. The food had been terrible. He'd gone home and crossed the caterer off his list. He snagged a glass of his own and sipped it as he scoped the room. He didn't see Paul yet, but he would. In the meantime, he mingled. It was a bit too early to hit the buffet tables.

The noise level was increasing as the drinks flowed and Paul had to raise his voice above the din to deliver a sharp order for the platters to be refilled. One of the part-timers was too sluggish for his liking and he made a mental note not to hire him for future events. Paul expected swift, efficient execution and sluggishness had no part to play in a caterer’s sometimes frenzied world.
Paul checked the spread as the platters were refreshed, and noticed with satisfaction that the spicy Vietnamese spring rolls – Bunny’s specialty - were going especially fast. His eyes swept over the crowd, subtly aiming to gauge if the amount of food prepared would be sufficient or would he have to do some quick juggling.

He did a double take as a familiar face stared at him from the corner of the room where the bar had been set up, right beside the huge potted palm. It took a split second before he placed the face: cute-ass! As he stared back at the young man, he thought he saw the lips curl into a smile. Wondering what connection this young man had with a crowd such as this, he casually walked over, seemingly to inspect the bar area.

Ok. He'd finally spied Paul, caught his eye and now Paul was here. Oh, he'd made it look like he had legitimate reasons to suddenly be in Zay's area. He was just too cute. Zay took another sip of his champagne and grinned.

"So, have you figured it out yet? I know it's bothering you. Where oh where have I seen that guy before? I'm Zaphod Paige by the way, or Zay to my friends and would-be friends." Zay gave him a wink.

Paul was a trifle startled to be addressed so directly; he had expected a little cat-and-mouse play, some level of flirtation at least, for he had worked out Zay’s game. Paul preferred a more refined approach and he was momentarily taken aback by the young man’s effrontery. He, however, managed to conceal his feelings behind an urbane smile and responded coolly.

“I haven’t had the pleasure, I believe, Mr Paige?” He looked Zay over, running his gaze appraisingly up and down his form, and was pleased to see a certain level of discomfiture jump in the blue-green eyes before him.

*Mr. Paige? Talk about having a stick up your ass*

“Zay. It's not that hard, try it. Zay."

The look was definitely saucy, and Paul felt nettled. “Are you a member of this club, er ... Zay?”
"I'm not a member as such, but I go to a lot of these functions. See that woman over there?" Zay waved to a striking, statuesque blonde, who blew him a kiss in return. "Lovely lady, married to a powerful real estate developer. She and her husband are both having an affair with his assistant, the busty redhead standing there in the too tight green dress. I could stand here and tell you stories until the cows come home.”

Paul stared at Zay, speechless.

But..." Zay paused and smiled at Paul. "I'm much more interested in hearing about you. This is gonna sound weird, and I won't blame you if you take off screaming, but I'm kind of a Ley Catering groupie. Or do caterers have groupies? I'm a big fan anyways. And I think you are as gorgeous as your food."

It took a few seconds for Paul to understand what Zay had said. “You mean you – gate-crash my catering functions?” He sounded incredulous.

"Uhm. Yes? But not just yours, well not at the beginning. But you have the best food, so I pretty much stick to you these days."

“Oh, well, thank you then – I guess.” Paul stammered.

Zay laughed. "You're welcome."

“Actually I am not sure if I should be thanking you or turning you over to my clients though ...” A twinkle crept into Paul eyes.

"Or maybe turning me over your knee?" Zay's eyes had a twinkle of their own.

Paul blinked at his audacity. Damn, but he IS cute.

"Are you stalking me?" Paul demanded.

"Well, some might see it like that. I mean, I'm crashing your functions, following you about and flirting with you, being a regular tart my friend Syd said. So yeah, you might say I'm stalking you. But not in a pyscho leave lots of notes, peep in your windows and go through your garbage sort of way. More in a “I think you're gorgeous, I'd like to get to know you and maybe jump your bones” kind of way. So, wanna go someplace a little more private and talk or something?"
The store-room was small and cramped and none too tidy but neither of them noticed or cared. There was a door and enough space for Paul and Zay to cling together and that was all that mattered. While their bodies rubbed urgently together, their hands began to remove zippers and buttons.

Paul covered Zay’s mouth in a hungry kiss, pushing Zay’s lips open with his tongue in a totally uncharacteristic move. He had NEVER been this forward with anyone in his life and it was the most gloriously exciting thing he had ever done. His cock was bursting in his pants and he moaned with relief as he felt Zay open his fly and pull his throbbing member out.

"Well hello there." Zay ran a fingernail lightly up Paul's cock from the base to the head.

He went down and licked the tip of the swollen head and blew softly across the slit. Paul shivered. Zay began to alternate sucking and licking, one hand on Paul's cock and one on his own. He worked them in tandem. He used Paul's moans and physical responses to set a rhythm that worked for both of them.

Paul braced himself on some shelves and prayed they would hold. After a while, he threw all caution to the wind and simply closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation that was coursing through his entire body. Oh God! It felt incredible. He was going to come soon if this continued.

Zay stood, trousers pooled around his ankles and began to rub his erection against Paul's, back and forth, alternating slow with fast, as his breathing quickened, and he felt his climax building. Then he knelt back down and took most of Paul's length into his mouth, relaxing his throat, moving back and forth. He felt the euphoria as he obtained his own release and he closed his eyes.

Paul cried out as he shot his load down Zay’s throat. The spasms seemed to continue forever and his knees trembled as he flexed his buttocks and tried to grind his pelvis further into Zay’s face. The young man bravely took it, kneeling stoically in front of Paul. Paul’s cock slowly softened; he groaned and then yelped as Zay wickedly licked his now sensitive head.

Zay laughed and sat back on his heels. Paul looked like a man who'd just had the blow job of his life. He ran a finger lazily up Paul's now flaccid cock and sighed. He'd love to see what it felt like inside him, but not on a first encounter.

“Oh wow!” Paul breathed, but beginning to regain his senses. He looked around guiltily and started to pull his pants up and to tuck his shirt back into place. “Oh wow,” he said again, and then he leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on Zay’s lips. “Hey, thanks ... that was .... just incredible.”

"Thanks." Zay stood up and began to tidy his own clothing. "The thing with giving good head is practice, practice, practice. Cucumbers will work if you don't have a partner. Do you have a partner?" Zay hoped not.

Paul was in the midst of pulling up his zipper and he blinked at the brashness of the question. His first inclination was not to answer something as personal as that, but then a rumble of laughter started in his stomach as he suddenly saw the absurdity of their situation. ‘What the hell,’ he thought, ‘this guy has just swallowed my cum down his throat! And I think the question too personal?”

Brushing aside his annoyance, he gave Zay a slight smile and said, “No, I don’t have a partner, and I am not actively looking for one either.”

‘There!’ Paul thought to himself, ‘that should put him in his place.”

"Oh." Zay tried not to sound too disappointed. He felt a bit hurt, and told himself it was ridiculous, he really didn't know Paul. So they'd had a quickie, so what. Didn't mean that Paul wanted to explore things any further.

"I understand. Wham, bam, catch yah again sometime, right? I won't bother you any more then."

The hell he wouldn't. He'd be at the next catered event and the next one and the one after that. He'd wear Paul down. In the meantime, he settled for giving him his best puppy eyes. "Right now I need something to drink that doesn't have semen in it."

Paul did not miss the shadow that passed over Zay’s features and he felt a pang of guilt. He was not a one-night stand kind of man and this behaviour was something he had never thought he would be guilty of. In the middle of one of his own catered functions, no less. If someone asked him what made him do it, he wouldn’t have known what to answer.

But the fact was that he did do it; he did agree to slip away with a man he had just met, and he had had the most mind-blowing blow job of his life. And the feeling, amidst the horror of his boldness, was simply exhilarating. For that he had to thank Zay and giving him such a turn-down was not only uncalled for, it was positively unkind.

“Hey,” Paul whispered, leaning down to plant another little kiss on Zay’s lips. “You were truly great, and I enjoyed myself very much. I mean it.”

Zay gave Paul a dazzling smile in return. "Thanks. You have the look of someone who just had the rug pulled out from underneath him, though. I have that effect on people sometimes. It's just that life is short, and I could feel this chemistry between us."

The words made Paul’s head shoot up and his eyes crinkle with laughter. Suddenly, he was very glad that he had given in to this mad impulse and let it take over his normally sane (and extremely boring) reasoning. He had done the unthinkable, but what a great place he was in right now. Sex with a complete stranger, in the closet right in the middle of a function! A burst of endorphins shot through Paul. He would be able to proudly look back to this precise moment in his life.

“You are right, life is too short. Now, in order that it does not get even shorter, let’s try to get out of here without attracting too much notice, shall we? My God! The closet...?” Paul muttered under his breath, shaking his head a little.

Zay laughed. "I'm surprised we made it to the closet and didn't cause a public scandal." He smoothed his tux as best he could and winked at Paul. "It's been my experience that closets are very busy places at these things, so let's leave it for the next lust crazed couple and go have a glass of champagne." Zay held up a finger. "And yes I know you are working, but if you don't indulge me, I'll stand around the buffet tables and sigh and mope."

The party was starting to wind down but it was no problem getting a glass of the fizz into Zay’s hands. Paul couldn’t help but smile down at the mischievous eyes in front of him and he felt another twitch in his pants. Down! He told himself firmly.

Zay couldn't help but notice that Paul was still hot and bothered. Maybe he should pour his champagne on Paul's crotch instead. Oh wouldn't that raise a few eyebrows. "To closets." He raised his glass and took a sip. "I suppose you will be heading back to Chez Leyland to clean up, once this is all over. The evening is young, I'm young, you're youngish - we could have some fun....”

The invitation was blatant and bold, and for just a split second, Paul was tempted. But he thought of Suzy and Bunny and the work that needed to be done once they got home. Not to mention he hardly knew this guy and he didn’t do casual sex well. Regretfully, he shook his head.

“Let your crew clean up." Zay ran a finger down Paul's chest. "Come on, let's misbehave."

“That is an interesting offer, but ... I can’t,” Paul said, hoping he was letting the young man down gently enough. “I’m sorry – I need to get back to work. I ... um ... well, it was ... very pleasant meeting you, and ...” He flashed a sudden smile at Zay and quickly leaned in closer, and whispered. “Hell, it was not pleasant, it was absolutely mind-blowing!”

Zay was a bit peeved. OK, more than a bit peeved. Paul really needed to learn the joys of slacking off and doing what you damn well wanted, work be damned. He'd have to work on that for next time and Zay had no doubt that there WOULD be a next time.

Paul then made himself walk away, forcing his eyes forward. He could feel Zay’s eyes burning into his back – or was that only his imagination. Whichever it was, he kept himself busy with his team, doing the clearing and packing up, and in the flurry of activity, he did not see Zay again. It was only later that night, as he was showering the day’s grime (and remnants of semen) off that he allowed his mind to wander back to his afternoon tryst and the young man with the bewitching eyes.

He still could not believe how he had allowed the incident to happen while on the job. It was pure madness, coupled with a huge chunk of recklessness and he almost blanched at the thought of what would have happened if they had been caught out. But then the hidden side of Paul Leyland crept out, the one he usually kept secret, the one which held a healthy dose of devilry and humour, and he started to laugh.

Just thinking of what they had done, and how they had done it, sent an instant thrill down his spine and a sharp jolt in his groin. He closed his eyes so that he could better picture the dark head bobbing in front of him, doing delightful things with his tongue. Paul groaned softly, as his hands reached down and within a very short time, he came for the second time that night.

Paul awoke early the next morning and the first thing he did when he went downstairs was to check his catering appointment book. When and what was his next function? Ah ... a birthday party for a seventy-year old man at his beach home, a week from now. Paul pondered, as he sipped his coffee.